predates any form of money and is the most direct way of trading value. Your home is probably full of items not being used at this moment. Why pay to heat and house them?

Swapinator urges you to use this entirely free tool to optimize your material equity. You’ve no doubt been told to put your money to work. Well, the time has come to put your stuff to work.

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Think about an item you are willing to trade. List it under a category like "bikes". If you don't see a category you like, submit a new one. Pick a subcategory. If you don't see one you like, submit a new one, like "kids".

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Search for items others have listed by proximity to you. We recommend face to face local swapping.

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Arrange to meet your swapper. Swapinator acts as an intermediary between you and the person with whom you wish to swap. You will be anonymous to that person and your pesonal information will not be revealed to them. Please use caution and meet only in well-lit, well-trafficked public areas.